Coaching and Learning through Integrative Arts)

Get in touch witih your light hearted side 


Have fun

Enjoy sharing insights in small groups

Recent research suggests that 
relaxation, emotional flexibility and empathic open mindedness 
are helpful ways of balancing the brain and staying healthy.

Do you want to lighten up and feel more positive about life?

Do you want to have fun making changes in your life that you have always wanted?

Is your group in need of a creative brainstorm about its creative ideas?

Do you want support with play and learning support for your children?
Adapting to change can be deeply rewarding, and only involves three takes:

- take a step back to reflect and review, 
- take a renewed vision of where you want to do, 
- take a willingness to be open to opportunity. 

CLIA COACHING helps you tap into your 

CLIA COACHING helps you get in touch with your inner creative resources 
using a range of simple, light arts activities, including Creative Journal and Collage,
 and it requires no previous art experience.

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